“Dr. Herbert is my hero! Through him I was introduced to Kinesiology and its benefits. I’m a cougar trying to get her body back from a 312 lb all time high! As the fitness started to return and I had more energy, I’d often find myself over doing it- feeling like I’m 110 pounds and 21 not remembering I’m really NOT. Needless to say, hip-hop dancing, pole dancing and attempting to spring up mountain sides lead to some injuries. The most AMAZING part of my experience as his patient is how I could limp in then walk out. Ankles, knees, back – you name it, I’d hurt it – he’d fix it. Side-lined by the flu – he’d fix that too! By the time Dr. Jonathan left California I was nearly 50 lbs lighter than when my weight loss journey began! All the while, his service to me gained me education so I could fully participate in my wellness. He’s also a GREAT trainer and suggests awesome exercises!”

– Gillian

“Dr. John has been a valuable asset for me from the very first visit and through out the last 2 years. I have seen many different Chiro/Kinesiologist in New York and Los Angeles and he has been the best. The significant difference for me has been the detail and interest that he took in my health. I always left his office with all of my concerns and body issues addressed which allow me a better quality of life. TMJ, cranial & digestive issues and foot/leg injury induced by adverse side effects from an antibiotic. He listens well, is pleasant, overall nice man who backs it up with excellent skills, knowledge, and technique. I appreciate more than I can say the care and the results I received from him. You are in excellent hands with Dr. John.”

– T.W. 

“I know it sounds cliche, but by the time I had found my way to Dr. Jon Herbert’s I was beyond out of hope. I actually may of laughed at his enthusiasm and the resounding belief he had in his ability to help me. I was exhausted constantly – as in could barely get out of bed some days and laid on the couch listless for hours, I was plagued with chronic daily headaches and I had constant pain in my left shoulder due to old injuries from a car and skiing accident. My tummy was always hard and round and sometimes after eating I would go into a comatose sleepy state. I am not diabetic. Lastly I exercised nearly daily despite all of this and was on a clean low calorie diet and I could not lose a pound to save my life.


I was on a high dose of prescription thyroid medication that I took twice a day and I was consuming so many supplements I had lost count. I’d seen traditional as well as non-traditional Dr.’s ranging from the best endocrinologists in the state to acupuncturists, herbalists and quasi funny Dr.’s who walked around talking to themselves. I’d seen just about everyone and I had a lab folder over an inch thick to prove it. I experienced minor improvements here and there but they always seemed to be temporary. Mind you all these Dr.’s visit were also costing me a fortune.


Initially Dr. Jon’s enthusiasm was what propelled me to come in week after week and my attitude was simply “Well – I guess I don’t have anything to lose”. Structurally I always felt better immediately during and after the visit’s and my neck pain was quickly alleviated. Well flash forward one year later. I am 150% back to the normal me. I had forgotten what that felt like after being ill for so long but Dr. Jon actually did it! My energy levels are fantastic, my headaches are gone (this in itself is a small miracle) I am off all prescription medications with my primary care physicians blessing- my labs reflect that I do not need it, no more hard round tummy and I am 10 pounds lighter.


Throughout the entire process Dr. Jon’s knowledge, enthusiasm, positive attitude and kindness inspired me to keep my chin up and believe that healing was possible for me. I have brought my 9 year old daughter in to see him and have referred friends…all whom also only have wonderful things to say about their experiences with him. He truly cares and has a passion for helping people to achieve total health and well being. Dr. Jon – you changed my life and I will be forever grateful. Now just move back to California please!!”
– Eden

“I met Dr. Herbert at Curves when he was giving a free clinic for members. After simply moving my arms and legs, he determined I had a small-intestinal issue.


Hah. Yeah, right. But, the truth is I HAD been having gastrointestinal issues on and off for several years, and doctors could not determine its cause.


He suggested a stool sample test which I did. I admit to feeling chagrined when the results came back with a serious yeast infection and a moderately serious bacterial infection.


He put me on various supplements, first to ease inflammation and then to go after the yeast, followed by the bacteria.


You have to experience for yourself just how he determines the progress of the yeast and bacterial eradication. Suffice to say, it was just kooky enough that, when he pronounced me cured, I nevertheless opted to do a follow up stool test. You know, trust but verify.


When the yeast infection results showed a complete eradication and the bacterial infection having moved from the small to the large intestine where it was much easier to finally clear up that I became a true believer.


His logic and his explanations of the human body’s remarkable ability to talk to us if we only would listen made a real believer out of me. Dr. Herbert is calming yet enthusiastic about his treatment modality. Putting your health issues in his capable hands will provide you with a gentle, non-invasive, comprehensive, and comparatively inexpensive return to good health.”

– Jill, age 64

“I was three year double cancer survivor when I met Dr. John at Curves. I didn’t tell him anything was wrong with me but was shocked that just by lifting my arms, legs, etc. he was telling me health issues that I had even before cancer. He ordered some tests after my first visit that determined that I had a Gluten and soy allergy. This was a life saver for me because I thought one of my cancer maintenance medications was making me sick. (I had either diarrhea or vomiting on a daily basis.) Once, the gluten and soy was eliminated from my diet I had no problems with the medication. Now, I am 10 pounds lighter, feeling better than I have in years. I liked the way Dr. John would review that tests I received from the oncologist to verify that the vitamins, diet changes, etc. were working. My oncologist recently bragged that I was doing great and that he had done a great job with me. I wanted to tell him that Dr. John had really played a major part in that. I always wanted to take supplements after my cancer diagnosis but was skeptical because of the possible drug interactions. Knowing someone was monitoring what I was taking made me feel more confident and my blood tests confirmed what he was suggesting I take was working. My skeptical husband even became a patient of Dr. John’s after seeing what was happening with me.”

– B.S.