Welcome! We’re excited about your interest to improve your health. By using multiple tools to identify and treat a range of health problems we are able to work together toward your health goal.  We are looking forward to helping you to optimal health.

Optimal health is not the lack of disease. Optimal health is the body functioning properly, efficiently, and at its highest level.

The human body is amazing and complicated. It is able to “get by” and make compensations around pain and sickness so that we can continue to work, play, and live. However, there is a limit to the compensations it can make and how long it can “get by” before these compensations start effecting optimal function.


My job is to get your body functioning as efficiently as possible and keep it at that level. While the path to efficient functioning will be different for everyone, one aspect of each patient’s care will be the same. 

Each patient will have a role in improving and maintaining their optimal functioning. This may be in the form of specific exercises to strengthen areas of weakness, taking supplements as directed, lifestyle changes, or typically a combination of the three.

 I look forward to seeing people return to health and enjoy their lives even more than they did before. Through patient education, patients learn how to stay functioning at their highest level, which is my final goal.