On Office Visits:

In most cases, Dr. Herbert does not see patients more than once each week. After the first two to three weeks, he typically will increase the time between visits by a week or more. In some instances such as acute injury or with some fibromyalgia patients it is necessary to see them more than once in that first week and we may see them once a week for some time after that. Although we enjoy seeing our patients, we really enjoy seeing them less and less as treatment continues and they regain their health.

On Supplements:

Supplements are meant to be just that…supplemental to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes proper food intake and proper exercise. While supplements may be necessary at the beginning of treatment, our goal is to get your body healthy and educate you so that we can minimize the number of supplements that are needed. Your kitchen counter or cupboard should not look like a pharmacy shelf. With your body working properly and eating the right foods you should be able to get most of the nutrition you need.

On Chiropractic Care:

The largest myth about chiropractic care is that you have to go back. You don’t, just like you don’t have to change the oil in your car. But to keep your car running at its best, you will probably change the oil. Dr. Herbert asks his patients “How many hours in one day do you use your car?” Then he asks “How many hours in the day do you use your body?” We know to change the oil in our car every 3000 miles, get a tune up every 50,000 miles. Why don’t we do the same for ourselves? Some people need monthly visits, some every other month, and we see some people every six months. It depends on how hard you treat your body, how well you fuel it, and how much rest you give it.